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Hello and welcome to the Awards and Reviews page! Here you can find all of awards the society, and its members. have won, as well as reviews for all of our shows dating from 2011 to the present day!

Seen any of our shows? Written a review? We’d love to know what you think of us, so feel free to email them to You never know, we may post your review on our website!


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“A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum”, March 2017

“I Can Sing A Rainbow” (Summer Concert), April 2016

“Never Work With Children Or Animals” (Summer Concert), May 2015

Moby Dick, March 2015

“I Would Do Anything For BUSOM, But I Won’t Do That” (Winter Concert), Dec 2014

“The Merry Old Scratch of Oz”, Nov 2014

24 Hour Show, Oct 2014

“Journey to the Centre of the Music Box” (Summer Concert), May 2014

Little Shop of Horrors, March 2014

“Eat, Drink and Be Merry” (Winter Concert), Dec 2013

A Revolutionary Scratch, Nov 2013

24 Hour Show, Oct 2013

“Just For Laughs” (Summer Concert), May 2013

Pride and Prejudice, March 2013

“Villains, Minions and Monsters” (Winter Concert), Dec 2012

Scratch-enfreude!, Nov 2012

“Boys vs Girls” (Summer Concert), May 2012

Iolanthe, March 2012

“Around The World in 80 Minutes” (Winter Concert), Dec 2011

Voyage to the Prohibited Planet, Nov 2011

24 Hour Show, Oct 2011

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