Kiss Me Kate

16th, 17th and 18th March 2006

It’s June, it’s Baltimore and it’s the middle of a heat wave. Fred Graham (Writer , Director and self proclaimed superman) is about to open his latest show, a musical performance of Shakespeare’s ‘Taming of the Shrew’. His lead actors are Lilli Vanessi (His ex-wife and former film star), Lois Lane (former nightclub singer and Fred’s current love interest), Bill Calhoun (remorseless gambler and Lois’ distracted Love) and, of course, himself! What can go wrong?


Lilli Vanessi / Katherine: Lyndsey Higgins
Fred Graham / Petrichio:
Richard Lee
Lois Lane / Bianca: Lucy Bashing
Bill Calhoun / Lucentio: Joseph Mitchell
Hary Trevor / Baptista: Colin Fine
Gangsters: Gareth Atkinson and Paul Schooneneberg
Gremio: Ben Francis
Hortensio: Paul Cross
Harrison Howel / Chorus:
Simon Wilkins
Hattie: Annie Shankland
Paul: Abilius Wong
Ralph: Will Knox-Walker
Nathaniel / Dancer: Emily Beales
Gregory / Dancer: Michelle Turner
Phillip: Linz Termie
Haberdasher / Chorus: Ben Harrington
Doorman / Dancer: Debbie Hull
Doctor / Chorus: Sophia Coles-Riley
Dancer / Chorus: Clare Rawlinson
Dancer / Chorus: Kathy Monahan
Taxi Driver / Dancer / Chorus: Lydia Carrington-Porter
Dancer / Chorus: Sally Ho
Chorus: Deborah Moore
Chorus: Kat Rustad

Director: Danielle Amos
Assistant Directors: Mark Niven and Simon Wilkins
Musical Director: Louise Brown
Assistant Musical Director: Colin Fine
Band Leader: Leon Waksberg
Choreographers: Debbie Hull and Lucy Hind

Producer: Fiona Lee
Production Assistants: Linz Termie and Will Knox-Walker

Set Design: Fiona Lee
Wardrobe: Louise Brown
Technical Manager: Niall Fleming
Supervising Technicians: Thomas Sandford and Jonathan Dicken


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